Old complete terminal in a keyboard found...Synertek System Corp KTM-3..odd?

From: LFessen106_at_aol.com <(LFessen106_at_aol.com)>
Date: Fri Mar 9 21:34:43 2001

<< Is it fully populated or are there some empty places. It
came in two versions. 40 and 80 column. The 40 was missing a
number of chips. If it is a real 80 column, I'm looking for one.
I already have two 40 column ones. I also have schematics for
these on blue print paper. I could make copies for anyone
that needed them.
PS It is composite video. You just need the screen to make
a full keyboard/monitor.


That is just too cool! I have to have one.... What kind of terminals are they, and does anyone have a spare they would like to get rid of?
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