RFC: ROM dump archive

From: Jeff Hellige <jhellige_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Fri Mar 9 23:58:19 2001

>I have found such projects to be generally self organizing,
>specifically they emerge like crystals in a supersaturated solution.
>If someone begins to organize their ROM files and picks a few well
>defined rules for naming, representing, and documenting them. Then
>begins creating a catalog, others will notice and eventually begin
>to contribute their own images. The VECTREX cart project worked like

        I took a look at Ward's page for the first time in a while.
Two years ago he said he was going to take them down, but they're
both still up, complete with operational links to his files, though
he hasn't updated anything since announcing his 'retirement'. His
VIC-20 ROM archive is over 185 carts, while his Arcadia 2001 archive
is something like 30-35. The documentation for how he did this is
available in a seperate file and the archive for the VIC-20 includes
quite a lot of information on the pinouts and such. The largest of
the files, the 185+ VIC-20 ROM images, is just a little over 1meg.

        I forgot about the Vectrex project. I know that some of the
Intellivision carts were made available for an emulator as well.
Then of course you've got the HUGE number of classic ROMs archived in
various places for use with MAME.

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