SCSI connectivity

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Sun Mar 11 08:59:08 2001

>What I want it one of the later 1542 cards that isn't plug an play, but
>will handle drives over 1 gig. Both my 1542s have the earlier bios and
>won't go over 1 gig :-(

        With my 1522's a number of years ago, Adaptec was more than
happy to send me the ROM upgrade for the card to handle larger drives
at no charge. I've always thought Adaptec had pretty good customer
service and that thier products were quite robust. All of my
currently used SCSI boards (2930U, 2940U2B, and 1460) are all Adaptec
products. Their Toast CD mastering software is far nicer than the
alternatives as well, and yes, I know they sold it to Roxio. I liked
the OEM 1520 because it was PNP under Win98.

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