Found a Commodore SX-64 but with a strange problem.

From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Sun Mar 11 09:23:56 2001

> >By the way, I have been told that 5000 of these SX64 were made...does that
> >sound right or can someone confirm this?
> Judging by how often they show up for sale, I'd say the
> number is likely larger than 5000 units. Sure, I've never run into
> one while thrifting, but I've seen enough of them posted for sale
> locally in the newspapers, as well as on eBay and such, to suggest
> they aren't that rare.

No, they aren't that rare. Definitely uncommon but you can find one without
a massive amount of trouble if you're patient.

They're certainly unique, but clear evidence Commodore never heard of
Osborne. :-)

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