SCSI connectivity

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Sun Mar 11 19:48:17 2001

BTW... I ran into a couple or three old BUSLOGIC EISA SCSI cards a couple of
days ago at a local surplus house, in case someone likes those ... you can call
the Denver area Gateway Electronics shop at (303) 458-5444 if you're interested.
They probably won't go away soon.


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> >My main problem is with the 2940AU, though the support, or lack
> >thereof, is not
> >a design problem, but rather an ADAPTEC administrative policy.
> >Their policy is
> >that once they've got your money, you don't matte any more.
> Maybe they've changed thier customer service policies in the
> last couple of years, as I've not had to use it at all. When I did
> 6-7 years ago for the upgrade of the 1522's BIOS, i didn't have a
> single problem.
> >2 gig's??? The two '0662's I have right here are both 1 GB. Are
> >there different
> >models? I've used 'em together with larger drives but they've
> >always claimed to
> >be 1 GB drives, which is what they claimed when they were new. They are
> >the best 3-1/2" SCSI drives I've used, in that there's never a
> >problem and they
> >always behave just as expected.
> My mistake...I mistyped it. The drive is actually an 0664M1H
> and it is 2gig. I've had this thing plugged up to PC's, Amiga's,
> Mac's, you name it. I've had it roughly 7 years and it is one of the
> best drives I ever had. My only complaint is that it runs a bit hot
> and at the time I got it the terminator for it, which plugged into
> the cable connector, was still pretty pricey. Then again, when I got
> it in trade from someone, the drive itself was still about $1200.
> IBM replaced it once under warranty without any problems whatsoever.
> Jeff
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