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From: Chad Fernandez <>
Date: Sun Mar 11 19:53:53 2001

Rambler was a particular model of AMC, although, I suppose they may have
used it as a brand name in your part of the world. My parents had a
Matador when I was little. It was a car that my grandparents originally

Kaiser, Hudson (I think), Willys, Nash, and probably more combined to
form AMC. AMC got bought out by Chrysler in the early 80, I think.
Chrysler renamed it Eagle, after AMC's then current best selling model.
Jeep was part of AMC, and remained a separate division of Chrysler. It
pains me to see Chrysler a part of Daimler, but I suppose, many people
on this list, especially those that live outside the US, won't
understand that.

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA

Geoff Roberts wrote:
> Is that what we called a Rambler? I had a couple of those, some years
> ago.
> Fuel guzzling monsters, but great for towing horse floats long distances
> (by Oz standards of long distance)
> Had a 64 Classic 660 (287CI V8 - often wish I'd kept that one) when I
> was 18, and a 72 Matador (360CI V8) many years
> later, when we got into horses for a while. We had to put an additional
> radiator in the Matador to stop it boiling when towing in 45c summers,
> the original 2 core didn't come close to coping with it.
> Cheers
> Geoff Roberts
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