SCSI connectivity

From: ajp166 <>
Date: Sun Mar 11 20:23:16 2001

From: Chad Fernandez <>
>What is DRivX? Is that a Linux program or is it Windows or DOS?

Somthing I fond on a bbs about 9 years ago. Runs under dos
but doesnt actually use dos IO.

>Well yes, I know it won't be fast, but this is for an XT class system

Expect less. ;)

>Cool, I get board with a perfectly working computer with nothing for it
>to do.

Some of them run the same apps I've used for years...sometimes for
profit. I do remember the not so boring years with them. Then I find
another and start over.

>I get frustrated with PCs as well. I hate it when stuff won't fit
>together, correctly, for instance. Unfortunetly, PCs are about all I
>have, until I pick up my PDP11/53 Monday or Tuesday :-)

Ah a late model Qbus machine.

 The PDP-11 collection inculeds:
    Also a

An ex digit (DEC employee).

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