Found a Commodore SX-64 but with a strange problem.

From: Phil Guerney <>
Date: Mon Mar 12 05:38:17 2001

From: Claude.W <>

> Lucky guy a SX64,,,but it depends how much you paid...I was offered one
> $500CAN not too long ago....sure I am crazy...

Only 30 Aussie dollars which is just 15 US dollars today (bad news for us
who like to buy imported techie goodies).

> I would check all chips on the boards and push on all of the socketed
> ones...specially the ROMs....

That was the first thing I tried to do (and about the limit of my technical

> By the way, I have been told that 5000 of these SX64 were made...does that
> sound right or can someone confirm this?

Definitely not common. In the mid-80's I was in a club of over 1,000
Commodore users and as far as I know only one person owned a SX-64 and it
was a major "show and tell" when he brought it along!

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