Carter AFB.. he he!

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Date: Mon Mar 12 10:12:09 2001

    If I recall the models correctly, all but the Monza had just two of the
Webbers, including the turbo-charged version. I believe the Monza was the
model with the 4 carbs and there were problems keeping them synced but it
was still a very nice engine. Sturdy, compact and lightweight. The gearbox
was a bit of an oddity though. If I had the space for one, I wouldn't mind
having another, as I had a '60 model.


>Well, in the pre-Nader days, or shortly after his rise to prominence, I had a
>Corvair, and if my experience is any indication at all, they're not a major
>source of trouble.
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>> > OT: From my street-racing days: the Javelin was not a bad little ride,
>> >properly set up, and I drove a few of them competitively. Holleys were
>> >always my first carb choice, Carters being 'okay' jugs, and then there
>> >Rochesters... yuck, poo!
>> Then you had the Corvair's with thier 2-4 single barrel
>> Webbers...nice but tempermental to keep working right.
>> Jeff
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