Vax 6000 Website launched

From: no <>
Date: Mon Mar 12 19:23:42 2001

Geoff Roberts wrote:
> Hi all,
> With some trepidation, but driven by the fact that these machines and
> their newer cousins, the 7000 series are starting to become more readily
> available. I have started a Web site to help those who wish to give one
> a good home. Not much there yet, and I will be soliciting for
> contributions from those who have 'been there, done that'. There is a
> small FAQ, and some pics of a 6000 cluster recovery, the rest of the
> headings will become links as the sections are completed.
> If you wish to contribute something, find a flaw, etc etc, please email
> me. (link on the web page).
> The Vax 6000 Website is at
> The site runs on a Vax 6000-440 (link to pic on web page). I have
> deliberately not used frames and tried to keep it as text friendly as
> possible for Lynx users.
> Enjoy.
> Kindest Regards
> Geoff Roberts
> Computer Systems Manager
> Saint Mark's College
> Port Pirie,
> South Australia
> ICQ: 1970476

Good deal! I've noticed increased interest in the newsgroups for this
series Vaxen of late. If I ever complete my remodeling and expand my
hobby space here, this is the one big-iron I would like to acquire.

     -nick oliviero
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