SCSI connectivity

From: Devon <>
Date: Tue Mar 13 01:52:33 2001

I have a HP parallel to SCSI box also, haven't tried it, or even looked for
the drivers yet,'s there.

I also have a parallel to IDE convertor which I use with a 2x CD-RW. The
only drivers/software available for the interface/drive combo (in write
mode) are for x86 *nix, and Windows 9x/NT4 and above. I have used it
successfully at 2x on a Am486/40Mhz running 95b, so it is possible given
the speed of the port/machine (at least a bidirectional mode supporting
port is required; damn windows overhead). And all those companies
officially selling parallel port writers (older microsolutions and HP
drives come to mind) tell you they require minimum Pentium 133.....pah.

I've seen up to 4x parallel port writers but I doubt my 486/the port would
handle that speed (at least in bidirectional mode), as reading from the
drive tops out at about 4x. I'd like to try the faster speed (4x), with a
faster mode port, ECP maybe? and/or more ram (I'd like to max this machine
out at 128MB, but 16MB 30pin SIMMs are expensive). I'd also like to try on
linux (also on this machine), but, alas, I blew the parallel port while
playing with the parallelport to ide driver-module, the daisychain was
drawing too much power. I hate how everthing now is LSI, I don't want to
get rid of the card (as it has fast VLB IDE), but LSI is impossible to
repair. The chain was fine with CDRW, SyQuest cartridge drive, scanner,
and printer, but adding a Xircom PEII NIC was too much. Oh well, still
haven't found a replacement card after a couple of years....


>Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2001 14:56:42 -0500
>From: Jeff Hellige <>
>Subject: SCSI connectivity
> This isn't quite on topic but the info might help those who
>need or want to connect SCSI items to older PC's. A few weeks back I
>picked up a used Philips Omniwriter 26 CDRW to replace my flakey
>Philips CDD2000. With it came quite an interesting looking cable
>that allowed a standard SCSI peripheral to be connected to a parallel
>port and the driver disks for Win 3.1, Win95, NT and 2000. Drivers
>are also available for DOS and OS/2 and the cable provides for a
>printer pass-thru so that a printer can remain plugged up to it as
>well. It's called the 'Shuttle Connection'. It is an OEM item and
>actually produced by SCM Microsystems. They do provide drivers for
>it on thier website though it looks like it's one of thier older
>items that may not be available any longer.
> Has anyone used one of these before? Granted the speed is
>going to be limited by going through the parallel port, but it's an
>easier solution than finding and installing an ISA/EISA/MCA SCSI card
>for occasional use of a SCSI CD-ROM or some such item.
> Jeff
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