From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Tue Mar 13 03:46:42 2001

Double-Height??? I think you may be confusing VESA and EISA. The VESA type of
board has a normal-looking ISA (with the 62 and 36-pin connectors (dual-31 and
dual-18) at the end of the board closest to the backof the PC box and a
fine-pitch connector as on MCA and PCI at the other end. EISA has the
wierd-looking extra-tall edge-connector at the "back" end of the board.

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Subject: VESA SCSI

> While we are talking SCSI and weird, I'll just mention in one of the boxes
> around here I have some BusLogic VESA BT-747D SCSI boards, a internal 50
> pin and floppy connector and a external diff SCSI mini thing. VESA is the
> double height connector, right?
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