Moving data to an Apple II

From: Derek Peschel <>
Date: Wed Mar 14 12:46:05 2001

> I have two apple II computers, a IIgs (Rom 0- no operating system)and
> an Apple IIc. Both have floppies and both have the latest 8 bit apple DOS.
> Neither have modems or any communication software. I am trying to get
> software from my PC to the apples using a Mac Classic II as a bridge. I can
> get Shrinkit and BinCSII to work on the apples but I need .txt files to work
> with.
> Unfortunately, somewhere between the PC and the apples, the resource
> fork designating the file type gets garbled so BinSCII can't recognise the
> .txt files. Does anybody know where I can find a Macintosh image file of an
> Apple II disk with Fazz or another attribute changer on it? Does anyone know
> of another way to get files onto the Apples with the tools I have?

It turns out that the ProDOS 8 filesystem supports files with two forks
(just like the Mac filesystem does) but I have never found an 8-bit Apple
program that can handle those files. If Shrinkit shows a + next to the file
type or you get an error $4B from ProDOS, your file is a forked file.

It also turns out that the newer Mac transfer software (i.e., the PC
Exchange control panel) creates those forks when you are transferring a
TeachText file. The solution is to find a copy of Apple File Exchange, set
it up for "Plain text transfer", and make sure all the various
character-conversion options are turned off. At least that's what worked
for me.

-- Derek
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