Moving data to an Apple II

From: Derek Peschel <>
Date: Wed Mar 14 18:54:49 2001

I wrote:

> >It turns out that the ProDOS 8 filesystem supports files with two forks
> >(just like the Mac filesystem does) but I have never found an 8-bit Apple
> >program that can handle those files. If Shrinkit shows a + next to the file
> >type or you get an error $4B from ProDOS, your file is a forked file.

John Foust wrote:

> A quick search on "prodos appledouble" turned up a number
> of links that gave me the (perhaps uninformed) impression that
> programs could make them and manipulate them.

I thought AppleDouble separated the forks into two files. Anyway,
although utility programs undoubtedly do exist, I didn't have any
that night, and it was just easier to use Apple File Exchange.

-- Derek
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