Found a Commodore SX-64 but with a strange problem.

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Thu Mar 15 13:43:56 2001

> OK - So it might not be strange to those experts in Commodore hardware, so
> I hope one of them reads this!

> This was one of the few missing things in my CBM collection until yesterday.
> The system first appeared dead, showing just a blank screen. But then it
> worked fine with any of my assorted game cartridges in the cartridge slot.
> To test the disk drive, I pulled out a cartridge-based spreadsheet which had
> load and save commands and the disk drive worked OK.

> The big surprise was when I put in the Simons Basic cartridge and this heavy
> old "portable" C64 came up with its normal opening screen "SX-64 Basic" etc
> and it loaded and ran a variety of programs from disk without a problem. But
> without a cartridge, or with a C64 Super Expander cartridge, just a blank
> screen.

> Could it be a RAM chip that is faulty, with Simons Basic causing some
> relocation of memory that allowed the system to work? Unfortunately, the
> insides are not nearly as easy to get at compared to a standard C64.

The SX is, beside some minor changes and a complete different
layout just a way ordinay 64 - so no special chips - grap
another 64 and exchange the chips - basicly everything
may be damaged .... except the RAM - RAM errors are quite rare.
All relevant chips are socketed.


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