OT? PowerBook 5300

From: Billy D'Augustine <azog_at_azog.org>
Date: Thu Mar 15 14:16:09 2001

Ah, but of course, I have the 5300ce, so I guess I have inherited a problem
child? :)

I did find some info on it - it seems to be a 'between' model - it's the
first PPC notebook, but doesn't have open ROM's. That means I can't run
NetBSD on it (requires the open firmware on PPC).

Right now, I don't even know how to power the thing on! I need to find the
power requirements, and hope that I can hack together an AC adapter for

> I believe that the 5300cs was the problem child -- if yours is a 5300c or
just 5300, you might be fine.
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