Wicat, Vax, at Boeing SoCal auction

From: Geoff Roberts <geoffrob_at_stmarks.pp.catholic.edu.au>
Date: Thu Mar 15 22:39:28 2001

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Subject: Wicat, Vax, at Boeing SoCal auction

> another has Vax 8530

That's a big sucker. 1 full height cabinet for the CPU, plus another
for the CIBCA if it was in a cluster.
Needs a Pro380 console with the console card, software and the cable(s)
to go with it.
3 phase out of the box. Never tried to do single phase conversion to my
8530, probably possible, though it would probably be
a little hungry. Must have a look at that one day. I haven't spent
much time on it as the former owners lost the console cable, and I've
not been able to get another so far.
I have the original Pro380 console (drive had died) but I found
something that worked in it, and reinstalled the console software, so if
I had a cable, it should work. DEC field circus guy once told me they
used to have a lot of backplane problems, and were
not that reliable, especially when they were getting on a bit.

> Right now I don't even know if I will make the preview, and no I don't
> them for myself.

BTW, I also have a common or garden Pro380 with POS on it, but it has a
password. Anyone know if there is a breakin procedure for these
somewhere/how? I'm toying with the idea of putting RT11 or something
more exotic on it, it has an ethernet card.....


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