Computer garage sale Sat 17, So Cal

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Sat Mar 17 04:03:19 2001

Please pardon me for the double post, I messed up the subject last time.
Free copy of Egor the Animator to all offended parties.

Computer garage sale Sat 17, So Cal
Sat 17th of March, in Orange CA my amazingly full garage of computer and
related stuff will be open and on sale for the first time since last summer
(next one is July). I live about 10 miles east of Disneyland, in the
foothills of Orange, CA. Take the 22 east til it ends, and that becomes the
55 freeway Chapman exit. Go east on Chapman a couple miles, and Chapman
will bend to the left and go up a hill. Half way up turn right on Canyon
View, then left on Brynhurst into the Chapman Townhomes. A short driveway,
then left on the unmarked Stonebrook, a few houses then the road turns
right and becomes Cadbury. I am at the end in the cul de sac 6036 Cadbury.
About a third of the whole complex is planning on opening for sale about 7
am (I will NOT be ready that early, but feel free to stop and watch me
work) so there will be more than just all my computer stuff.

This is a link to yahoo maps for me.


Questions until the portable phone runs out of juice at (714) 771-7504

What the heck is in this garage to get me to drive all the way to Orange?
Lots, mostly lots.

AT&T old desktops, likely 386
Compaq and Dell up to about a P120, lots of great 486 boxes for Linux
routers etc.
a dozen IBM PS2 9595 servers, multiSCSI drive units, various cards
Apple IIe, IIc, IIc+ and IIgs computers, joysticks, cables, etc.

At least 2 dozen monitors, MOSTLY older, but great for older macs or

Networking stuff, loads of 10bt cables, hubs, nics (nubus, isa, PCI, EISA,

Rack mount PC chassis, keyboards, mice, and things.

Software, a BIG box of $1 CDs, and many many boxes of weird software $1

Close to 2,000 different computer cables, Apple, PC, SCSI, serial, printer,
starting at $1

50 macintosh computers, from plus to PPC, lots of odd bits and one of a
kind items.

Printers, and ribbons, and various printer parts, imagewriters,
Laserwriters, stylewriters, old dot matrix.

C64, Atari, just cause I didn't mention it, that doesn't mean I don't have
a pile of it. ;)

Around noon things will wind down, but last year it took me 4 hours to put
stuff away, so I will be "around" much longer.
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