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From: Old Stuff Discount Warehouse <>
Date: Sun Mar 18 15:25:24 2001

It was up to slightly over $2 per gallon last summer.

> You should come over here. Petrol is currently around 98c a litre, so
> it's something over $4AU a US gallon or just over $2US.
> And it will get worse now that the AU$ just took a dive below US50c. Be
> happy with it at that price. I would be.

My truck only gets 12.5 on the highway, _at_80mph :-) Its a regular cab,
long box 4x4, K3500 (1-ton). If I were drive a little slower it would
get about 14mpg. I really need to get something cheaper to drive to
work. I drive 90 miles per day, round trip!

> Boggle! What are you driving? A cement truck? Yeech. I thought the
> 79 Volvo 244DL was bad at around 21 mpg around town.
> I have an 84 Ford Falcon (XE model, 4.1 litre 6 cyl) sitting idle in the
> back yard at the moment, too expensive even to drive to work. Yes, it's
> worse than the Volvo, though not an awful lot, around 18 or so to the
> Imperial gallon around town.

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA
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