Apple IIgs to Commodore 1080 monitor hookup

From: Jim Strickland <>
Date: Sun Mar 18 19:55:32 2001

Could I interest you in a trade of an applecolor monitor for one of the
amiga monitors? I have the opposite problem.

> Hi
> I have been trying to get a IIgs working with a Amiga/Commodore 1080. This
> should be a simple hookup...108x and derivatives support around 15.75khz
> scan rates and should work in analog RGB mode selection...
> It's not working. I see the composite sync squashed with a scope when
> hooked
> up to the monitor. Also the color signals are hit. Nothing on the screen. I
> see the video for a split second when switching from digital to rgb on the
> commdore monitor, its outta sync but you can see for a fraction of a second,
> so video signals are making it through...
> I tried also a 1084 and a 1902 with no success...I have checked the pinouts
> from several sources for both monitor and IIgs and they all match...RGB
> analog on the 198x series db9 connector...2,3,4...R,G,B and 7 composite
> sync...1&2 ground...simple enough no?
> I have tried long/short shielded and unshielded cables with no success. The
> IIgs RGB output is fine and works perfect with the original IIgs RGB
> monitor and cable...
> Anybody ever do this and have these problems...??? Or an idea?
> Thanks for reading
> Claude

Jim Strickland
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