Mac SE30

From: Jason McBrien <>
Date: Mon Mar 19 12:37:03 2001

You can grab MacOS 7.5.3 for free off of Apple's FTP site. They don't have
MacOS 7.5.5 install disks, just the upgrade, as 7.5.5 doesn't like some
hardware combinations sold by Apple. The SE/30 should be fine (I used to run
7.5.5 on mine) 7.5 does suck up more RAM then 7.0 or 7.1, but it installs
just about everything by default. You can toss a bunch of stuff to free up

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> So, what's the error message you get when you open this .sit archive
> in version 1.5?
> IIRC, the SE/30 can have up to OS 7.5.5. Somewhere.... on Apple's
> site is the Apple Spec Database, which would tell you for sure. The SE/30
> will support more than 8 MB RAM if you have MODE32 installed and you have
> 32-bit addressing enabled.
> But before updating your OS, check other things, like making sure the
> old Stuffit Preferences, engines, or Extensions are removed before trying
> newer-than-1.5 version of Stuffit. Try unstuffing through the menu
> commands. Try unstuffing by drag-and-drop.
> Edwin
> At 01:28 PM 3/17/2001 -0800, you wrote:
> >
> >The problem is that none of those available and more advanced versions
> >will run on 7.0.1 which is on the SE30. I harbor a hazy recollection
> >that there are practical limitations on how 'new' a system one can run
> >on that machine. Am I close?
> > - don
> >
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