IBM 3380 disk drives / info?

From: Curt Vendel <>
Date: Mon Mar 19 16:19:00 2001


   Yup, thems the ones!!! :-)


Jeff Hellige wrote:

> Were these the 8" 5 and 10meg units? When they required their own
> special controller prior to switching to SCSI?
> Jeff
> >I've got one better, do you remember the old Bernuolli removable disk drives,
> >the original big beasts in IBM PC/XT cases??? Well, there used to be a
> >serious problem with their power supplies, you would be working in a lab and all
> >of a sudden you'd hear this loud thunderous "thump" type explosion and out from
> >the box would pour out this white nasty ozone'ish smoke. After nervously
> >pulling the plug, you would slide off the cover to find one of the coke-can
> >sized cap's had completely blown off the top and if you looked at the inside of
> >the top cover there would be this spectacular meteor-crater shaped carbon mark
> >where the capacitor had blown upward and scorched the inside of the case.
> >Now thats quality assurance!!! :-)
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