NeXT '040 Cubes

From: r. 'bear' stricklin <>
Date: Mon Mar 19 16:44:16 2001

On Mon, 19 Mar 2001 wrote:

> Hi there, I have two cubes, both original 1988 boxes. One is a 25MHz
> '040 with a hard drive and an optical drive. The other is a 33MHz '040
> (Turbo?) with just a hard drive.

Those are not 'original 1988 boxes'. The original 1988 NeXTcomputer had a
25 MHz 68030 board in the backplane.

You have the later NeXTcube systems. The 33 MHz system is a Turbo as you
have guessed, and does not support the optical drive.

> suggestions? Keyboard shortcuts, etc.

<command>-<command>-'~' will drop you into the ROM monitor from where you
may boot the system with other-than-default options. It has some amount of
help available online, but I forget how much.

> Also, I have an external 4gb hard drive that I have tried to connect
> to a working NeXT slab that I have, but it always has a SCSI error -
> no matter the SCSI ID or with or without terminator. Shouldn't I be
> able to use this with a NeXT and build a disk? Then couldn't I boot
> from the external if needed and build the internals?

All theoretically possible, but some drives don't play nice. Additional
information about the type of drive, its configuration, and your cabling
setup will be required to troubleshoot.

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