NeXT '040 Cubes

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Tue Mar 20 02:16:59 2001

On Mar 19, 17:19, wrote:

> Hi there, I have two cubes, both original 1988 boxes. One is a 25MHz '040
with a hard drive and an optical drive. The other is a 33MHz '040 (Turbo?)
with just a hard drive. Both power on fine, do their system test and then
say loading from network. The picture looks like a coaxial "T" connector
with a cable that has "data" rolling through it.

First, put a 50-ohm terminator on that connector, so the NeXT thinks it is
connected to a live (but very small!) network.

Then read the NeXT FAQ:

 They will not do anything else. I've been going crazy looking on the
internet for days, but have not found a way to bypass this. I know you can
"boot" into single user mode and then reset passwords, but how?

The FAQ describes how to do it. I recently acquired a slab, and had to do

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