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> >To drag this topic kicking and screaming back towards the list topic, as

> Lots of motorola, 68k etc.
> A well adjusted carburetor does a pretty good job, but a modern engine is
> close to amazing at just how well the it works given the cost. I drive a
> 4,000 lb full size Lincoln, with a 285 hp engine that gets 18 mpg around
> town, and close to zero emissions. Highway mpg hasn't changed much,
> because getting a correct mixture at a constanst cruise speed isn't nearly
> as hard of a job and carbs did just fine. The achievement is to get low
> emissions and good mpg during short trips around town, while the engine is
> still cold etc.

Your car should get better MPG on highway, 20 to 24 is what you
should see, recheck your driving habits and do full tune up, get
emissions up to snuff are suggested. 18 mpg city is not bad, highway
not. My brother owns 20+ yr old heavy car w/ V8 and he said he can
get 24mpg highway in that thing, btw it does have carb because I grew
up w/ that nanny's, now his car. Oh remembered that, my other friend
with a '89 caravan LE w/ V6 3.0L 3spd auto get that in city driving
and bit better on road. Another friend has '90 caravan 2.5L n/a,
3spd auto got that terrible MPG too when O2 sensor was bad and no
tune up till we did it.

> Also my guess is that 'average' engine hp has about doubled in the last 2
> decades, and that reduces mpg.

Actually, the torque went up, HP much less for given engine types
but MPG *went* down and still is in '01. The fault is in weight have
risen due to more options and safety stuff that is needlessly added
for *no reason*. N.american big 3 didn't bother to develop more
efficient enegines with latest stuff more especially on MPG and give
us vehicles with less weight. Also Big 3 makers I think quit making
small and compact vehicles. And didn't address the new vehicle
cost. 24,000 is still much for same thing. Which I consider this a
big must to survive this gas price crunch.

Toyota, honda and VW and few other did their homework 20 years ago
and still doing it now. For example, VW 1.8TDI get very good MPG and
compareable HP compared to Chrysler's 2.5L turbo or 3.0 V6, both has
less MPG and already 14 years old, same n/a 2.4L but it's still
doesn't give good mpg, my brother car w/ v8 beat it that. There's
more examples but I will leave this one alone for you to consider. I
know I'm bummed for comparing gas to diesel but honda, toyota and
others does produce efficient gas engines as well.

This is my view because I'm keeping my eye on mailing lists and on
newsgroups, websites so I'll be aware when looking for first vehicle
of my own when I land job.

I'd prefer to have a reliable bit-crunchy vehicle with seatbelt and
manual stuff in it, leave computer alone just for that engine, and
manual tranny, 40+MPG and bit nimble if I have to avoid accidents.
I cannot find this in most vehicles for last 8 years.

You can see I'm not looking at Honda, Hyraduai, KIA, I'm looking at
older VWs, older 4 cylinder Chryslers, many Toyota and Nissan.


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