Unix filesystem checks

From: Derek Peschel <dpeschel_at_eskimo.com>
Date: Wed Mar 21 12:51:56 2001

Julian Richardson wrote:

> Any ideas what the next step is? Do I just have to look at the contents of
> files and directories in /lost+found (they're all numbered rather than named
> - by inode or something?) and try to figure out what everything in there is?
> (there's a lot of files there - I suppose I'm quite lucky the system even
> booted) That's going to be painful (and probably impossible for some of the
> data) - presumably the original filenames have been lost in the corruption?

Yes, I think you will have to hunt through the lost+found directory. Maybe
you can compare file contents with the ones on the original disk. I've
never actually rebuilt a file system that old, though. Some URLs:

BSD version of the original paper on fsck -- lists and defines all the errors.

PostScript and ASCII versions of the above are hiding here.

You can also get the paper as a Computer Science Technical Report from one
of AT&T's Web servers, though I forget where.

Agree to the license, download the System III distribution, and you can poke
through the source to fsck. :)

-- Derek
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