Need Tandy 6000 Keyboard

From: Claude.W <>
Date: Thu Mar 22 16:34:43 2001

Is this a similar keyboard then the one from a TRS80 model 2000? Looks a lot
like the same on the photos I have seen...and since the machine are from a
similar "era"...

If thats the case, I hooked up a more recent Tandy TX (83 Keys?) keyboard to
an old TRS80 model 2000 and all works fine...the pinout on the connector is
just not the same (I made an DIN adapter plug so I did not have to modify
the TX keyboard)...

I suspect this might also work fort machines like the TRS80 model IVP...and


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>Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 11:20:53 -0500
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>Subject: Need Tandy 6000 Keyboard
>Dear Museum founder: Have a Tandy 6000 HD system operating in Xenix.
>Have all the original 8 ? " floppies for the OS, and for 'Scripsit' (Word
>Processing), and for 'Unify' (a RDMS) -- including all the Owners Manuals,
>and even the Technical Service Manual. However, I really need to keep
>this old mini-computer working for another 2 years before I pass it along
>to some collector or museum.
> I am prepared to make a deal (YOU can set the terms) with the
>individual who is directly instrumental in providing the assistance I need
>to keep my keyboard operational or who can assist me to acquire one or
>preferably two old keyboards for this unit. The problem is that the
>individual key contacts are failing, one after another. They are easily
>repaired/replaced-but I have run out of the ability to switch the sound
>contact pads from the seldom used redundant keys to those that have
>failed. I am unable to find a source for these wee electrical contacts,
>and am looking to - beg, borrow or steal, or buy - a whole keyboard or two
>from which I can pirate the needed parts.
> Can you help me, and/or redirect me ? What would be your terms ?
>Tom - at Club 27
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