Big Iron in Syracuse

From: Dan Cohoe <>
Date: Wed Mar 21 21:55:28 2001

Some people have asked for a repost; here's a little more info.

This equipment is located at Northeast Surplus, 440 Shonnard St. in
Syracuse. Phone 315 677-5246

The people seemed quite willing to have visitors. They appear to deal
with lots of PC's and LaserJet printers

Preference is for skid lot sales of things. They seem a little
frustrated with "retail sales" though its not a big shop.

I have no idea of what they want for the mainframes.

I saw a skid of large mostly fixed frequency monitors that they
suggested $50 each (for 8). If anyone was interested, these could be
split up among several buyers. I am about 4 hours away in Canada.

Original message was:

I'm not sure whether there's any value to you in this or not, but I saw
a large
set of big blue boxes at a wreckers last week. I didn't make a full
but there were several boxes marked 3390. The whole system appeared to
there, in excellent cosmetic shape. Probably 10 or 12 cabinets
five feet high and 3' x 3' wide and deep each.

I also saw some VAX 6000-650 items, DEC H9644, TU81, a Data General and
some other DEC peripherals. These are all in Syracuse NY.

regards, Dan C

Will Jennings wrote:

> Since everyone is talking about them, I'm going to ask that if anyone has
> manuals for them, or 3880 controllers, or a 4381 model group 21, that I
> could really really use them... And if anyone finds a 3380, 3880, or 4381 in
> a scrapyard or something, I need a full set of panels for each machine, i.e.
> 3 sets of panels total, I cannot run the system without the panels in place.
> I also need other miscellanous parts, such as hinges, etc.
> TIA,
> Will J
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