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From: Derek Peschel <>
Date: Thu Mar 22 02:34:24 2001

> VIC-II and SID are perpetually problematic, especially SID since it's part
> analogue (and probably so is VIC, for that matter). The timings are well known
> but the interactions between registers are sometimes unpredictable (but rest
> assured out there is a game that depends on that particular interaction).
> Emulator writers have torn their hair out for years thanks to Commodore's
> loose hardware design philosophy.
> You would need a very large and complex FPGA to fully emulate the range of
> behaviours these remarkable (and bizarre) chips demonstrate.

Hmm, analogue. I hadn't thought of that. But I thought the chips had been
pretty well reverse-engineered by now.

Does anyone know of gate-level (or similar) diagrams for the chips? We now
have the gate-level diagrams for the Atari custom chips, thanks to Curt
Vendel, so this is the chance for you Commodore fans to prove your inherent
superiority! :)

-- Derek
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