VAX 11/725

From: brian roth <>
Date: Thu Mar 22 08:45:46 2001


     Its one of my favorites. Still looking for the RC25 to fill the hole though. The console tape drives need to be repaired so it no longer boots. I remember hearing that someone either tried, or successfully used a PC with a term program to send over the bootstrap loader.


Cute package, the 11/725. I used to have one (got it right when DEC
interdicted VMS license transfers for one month to attempt to force
buyers of used hardware to purchase new licenses... failed miserably).
It was on loan to a friend's company that was bought out and moved
without notifing me that they were taking my VAX out of state. :-(
I even had the floating point accelerator in it. At the time, it was
my best number cruncher (14 years ago).


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