Free DEC docs and equipment, Washington DC area

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Date: Sat Mar 24 09:25:41 2001

OK folks, time to clear out more of the basement.

First of all, all of the below is *FREE*. But there is one gotcha:
if you want any of the documentation, you must haul away
some hardware too. No ifs, ands, ors, or buts about this. No shipping,
no holding, first-come, first-served. Pick-up only, I'm literally a feet
away from the Washington DC Beltway (495).

Now, the docs, all in original shrinkwrap:

KA660 CPU Module Technical Manual (EK-KA660-TM.001)
660QH Pedestal System Illustrated Parts Breakdown
KA660 CPU System Maintenance (EK-398AA-MM.001)
MS650-AF/BF/BH/BJ MOS Memory Option
VMS Installation and Operations: VAXstation I, II, II/GPX and Microvax I, II
DECVoice Software Reference Manual

Additionally, not in the original shrinkwrap:
A big box full of DEC Rainbow and Pro 350/380 binder boxes, some with software.

And the hardware:
Two BA11 10.5" high Unibus chassis, with power supplies and backplanes.
   (Weight 60-70 lbs).
At least one spare power supply for the above chassis.
A couple of Unibus backplanes in various conditions.
A 4-foot high tape hanging rack for 9-tracks. Nice wood trim.
A whole bunch of other stuff that I could probably get rid of right now but
don't have the heart to commit to. If you're here with a truck and ask me
about it, though, it's probably yours.

If you're interested, please send an E-mail to "".
Pick up will have to be on the weekend or possibly a near-future weeknight.

Tim. (
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