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Date: Sat Mar 24 18:34:54 2001

>And it's a _standard_. I can use the same AUI transceiver on a PC, a
>PERQ, a PDP11, a Xerox, etc. In fact one of my major moans about Apple is
>that they seem to never stick to standards....

        Most of the time, but not always, Apple's deviation from
standards was done in the attempt to build a better mouse trap, not
just to ignore standards. Sometimes they were right, sometimes
wrong. Often, they were early adopters who helped get a market
going, such as with both USB and Firewire. Even Intel has recently
announced that they were moving to the IEEE-1394 standard, which
Apple has been using, vice the one they had been pushing. Current
Mac's are full of standard parts and ports though and oftentimes can
even use PC PCI boards with the appropriate drivers. Certainly they
stick to standards more than say, Microsoft, who tossed out every
known data format standard in it's Office products, not because they
came up with something better but because it was proprietary to them?
How else can you explain the fact that Access can't open dBase files
directly while Excel can?

>I'll agree with that. I get annoyed when I see an ethernet card that
>doesn't have an AUI connector. I don't care if it has a built-in
>transceiver _as well_, but I want to be able to use my own tranceiver if

        And to me, that's the whole name of the game...options and
choices. Anyone that tries to stronghold me into using only their
products will quickly find that I will use none of their products.

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