From: Billy D'Augustine <azog_at_azog.org>
Date: Sun Mar 25 13:36:18 2001

I seem to recall that most of the "bigger" CP/M machines, which could take
hard drives, were SASI. I mean "bigger" in terms of things like S-100 as
opposed to smaller machines like the QX-10 (which had a hard drive
interface, but I think it was an expansion card that was ST-506) . I know
Xerox 820s (II?) took SASI interface, and I had others which I can't recall
at the time. AFAIK, all the 8" hard drives that I've seen were SASI.

> My take on that would be that a CP/M machine, at the same
> period in time, with a SASI or SCSI interface would've been bought
> for business use though. Other than someone heavy into tinkering
> with the hardware, not many people would've spent the money for one
> for home use. As it is, enough other manufacturers used the same
> DB25 connector on that era's SCSI inplementations.
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