Mac SE/30

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Mon Mar 26 18:14:20 2001

>I think I recall seeing somewhere that you can bypass extensions on bootup
>by pressing a shift key, but that didn't work, so I assume that this isn't
>an extension, but something intergral into the OS itself...

        I don't believe that any Mac OS version prior to 9.0 came
with an integrated password system. Obviously, the SE/30 isn't
running OS 9.0 since it is a 68k Mac and support for the non-PPC
machines was dropped a number of revisions back. When you booted the
SE/30 with the shift-key held down, did it show you on the splash
screen 'Extensions Off' or did it seemingly boot normally, showing
the icons along the bottom as it booted?

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