NeXT's, museums and a dead apple monitor

From: Adrian Graham <>
Date: Tue Mar 27 06:39:22 2001

>Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 16:18:03 -0800 (PST)
>From: Cameron Kaiser <>
>Subject: Re: NeXT's available
>Hi Curt:
>I'd definitely be interested in one of the Nextstations/monitors. My
>zip is 92324 so that should be worst case as far as shipping :-)

Naaah, worse case as far as this list is concerned would be me in the UK or
Iggy :)

As for the recent banter about museums while we were researching the history
of our house last week while I was on the tail end of a break because of
depression and stress I had a wander round the 'computer' section of the
museum - the archives section is part of the museum - and all it consisted
of was an old teletype printer, a PET and a ZX81 all massively enclosed in
glass cases! I'm in a quandry as to what to do when I eventually DO start
exhibiting my stuff. If *I* was going to a computer museum I'd like to be
able to use the machines as much as possible, but since it's all *my* stuff
I'm paranoid about theft/damage etc since some of the machines took sweating
blood to get here - my Lisa is a prime example. Also some of the machines
are unused and still bagged up from when they were manufactured and I'm in
two minds as to whether I should open 'em for educational purposes or keep
'em sealed for museum purposes. (Tony, I *know* you'd want to get them open

I tinker with as much of the collection as is possible given the amount of
time I've actually got spare (not a lot) for self-educational and research
purposes; definitely not enough time though.....

Oh yeah, I got a 1995 AppleVision 1710 monitor last weekend and I get no
display on it; since it's the first one and not a later one can I safely
assume it's suffered the most common fault for 1710s and I need a new Wave
Deflection module? I think that's what it was called......

Recent additions to the museum site are some unopened Timex Sinclair stuff
and a whole slew of adverts and reviews from a couple of early 80s UK mags -
wallow in nostalgia :)

s'it for now.


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