NeXT's available UPDATE

From: Curt Vendel <>
Date: Tue Mar 27 16:57:14 2001

Hi Guys,

   Arrangements are set for me to drive down Sunday to pick up the equipment, I
will start working on the list of who has asked for what and post it here in the
mailinglist, the stuff is getting spoken for quickly, up to about 15 people have
asked for 1 workstation each, a few asked for 2. I will post where we are at
sometime late tonight.


Mark Tapley wrote:

> Curt, I'm in for a turbo station if possible.
> >Just a thought, but does anyone on the list have the OS for these
> >beasties? I just checked and NetBSD isn't quite ready for prime time on
> >them yet, and neither is Linux unfortunately...
> >- -Linc Fessenden
> It may be already on some or all of the stations' hard drives, Curt
> will have to tell us when he gets them set up.
> I have a CD of NextStep 3.3 Prerelease 1 (seems functionally
> identical to NS 3.3, YMMV but it's what I'm using on my Cube) and one of NS
> 3.3 Developer. I also have patch 2 on CD (for User/Dev) (patch 1 is
> included in patch 2) and User patch 3 as a compressed installer file. I
> also have an image of a floppy which can be used to kick-start a CD boot,
> for machines that don't do that automatically (non-turbo stations?).
> I can make and ship copies of the boot floppy, though my supply of
> the nice ED floppies is limited.
> I have a CD burner, but a) have not tried duplicating the CD's b)
> Don't much want to hear what Apple would think legally about my doing so.
> Since Apple gave away copies of this software in 1999, I'd expect
> little difficulty from them if I "restored and upgraded" hard drives to the
> current NS3.3 User/Dev + patches configuration that the machines want to
> run. (Calling all Apple lawyers, please let me know if you disagree!)
> The included hard drives, if they are the base 406Meg
> configuration, are very tight with everything loaded. If you plan to
> actively use the system, or to install much of the wonderful freeware on
> (I especially recommend the Lighthouse Apps), you will
> probably want a bigger drive.
> What I suggest is:
> 1) You get the station, try it out, make sure it runs and you like it.
> 2) You buy and ship me a hard drive (maybe 1-2 Gig? or the original 406 Meg,
> or an external) that fits in the machine,
> plus a check for the cost of shipping it back to you.
> 3) I initialize and build NS3.3 (Pr1) User, NS3.3 Dev, and patches 2 and 3
> on your hard drive by plugging it into my Cube temporarily and
> building
> from CD's (so you get a clean install) and copy Patch 3 over from
> my OD and run on your hard drive (so it's tested and patched to
> patch 3).
> 4) I repack your hard drive and ship it back to you, ready to boot.
> 5) You replace the drive in your station with the new one, or if it's external
> just plug it in and boot from it.
> If 25 hard drives arrive in the mail the same day, I'll build them
> on a "time available" basis, so please don't be in too much of a hurry.
> Notes:
> 1) Anyone with a full release version of NS 3.3 might be better as a source.
> 2) Rob Blessin, at, does a similar deal for a living
> (look on the Black Hardware page and scroll down to Storage) can do it
> faster, and already has the (2.1 Gig Seagate Barracuda) hard drive ready to
> go. He's also got OpenStep 4.2, which I don't.
> Comments or suggestions welcome. I'm in digest mode, so response to
> list mail will take until I have digested it ;-).
> - Mark
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