Mac haul and print server questions

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Tue Mar 27 17:25:27 2001

>surprise in the lot was inside one of the LC IIIs - an Apple IIe card. It
>stood out because of the DB44? connector on the back, rather than the expected
>RJ-45. I have heard of the Apple IIe compatibility card, but where can I find
>a cable for this connector, which I presume is for attaching an external drive

I have them, they split out two cables one for the gameport and one for a
chain of floppy drives, but you need to use just certain floppy drives (I
forget which). $6 plus $2.50 shipping in US.

Of the three common ways to run A2 software; a real A2, this card, and
emulation, the IIe card falls someplace in the middle of satisfaction and
ease of use. You get fairly seamless access to the features of the LC, like
hard drive and network, but I also remember some level of gripe about
problems with certain things. Most of even the copy protected games though
should work fine on the external floppies or even the internal maybe, and
thats a step ahead of emulation.

My personal planned Apple II army of machines are; (not the huge mess I
have, what I plan to keep)

A couple of the IIe cards in LC type machines. Wouldn't a Color Classic
with a IIe be great?

A couple IIgs, most likely networked to a AppleShare 3.0.4 server of some kind.

Two pairs of IIc/c+ because they are so cute.

My original II, much modified to IIe status with its Sider and Axlon ram
drives as a stand alone system.

Looking for a platinum IIe and a original II, a IIgs RGB display, and a few
of the standard everybody wants them goodies like Zipchips, MacMill, etc.
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