Does anyone have DEC LQP02/LQP03 manuals?

From: Paul Williams <>
Date: Wed Mar 28 06:24:17 2001

If anyone has a programmer's manual for either of these daisywheel
printers, I'd really love to know how to invoke the following functions:

DECFIL (Right Justification)
DECFPP (Positioning)
DECPSPP (Print Specified Printwheel Position)
DECPTS (Printwheel Table Select)
DECSS (Set Space Size)
DECUND (Programmable Underline Character)

I don't need full descriptions, but I would like to know the sequence in
the form:

CSI ? 80 h


CSI Ps ; Ps " z

I have a database that is supposed to cover every ANSI-compliant
sequence for DEC terminals and printers, but it has some gaps!

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