HP 9845s?

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net>
Date: Wed Mar 28 09:21:56 2001

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>What do the connectors look like? How many pins, and so on?

   The monitor mounts on top of the 9845 by means of two struts. Each strut
has a circuit board in it with about a dozen contacts that stick up and
mate with connectors inside the monitor. I have no idea of the pin out on
the connectors. BTW there are at least four different monitors for the
9845. One of them is color and the others are mono-chrome. One of the
monochrome ones is text only and another is text and graphics. I'm not sure
what different about the other monochrome one but I think it has higher
resolution. I don't know if the CPUs that are used with the various
monochrome monitors are different of not but the one for the color monitor is.

>> 9845. But you would think that this monitor was basically a standard TTL or
>> analogue monitior of some sort and that someone might have the technical
>My guess (based on the date of the machine) is that it's most likely to
>be either a TTL monitor with separate syncs or normal composite monitor.
>THe only HP video display of that period that I know about is the HP1350,
>and that uses a special _vector_ monitor. I can't believe the 9845 is
>similar, though.

     I believe the 9845 monitors are raster scanned but I'm not positive.
HP did build some vector scanned monitors but I think they were mainly used
as video plotters and I don't think any of them were used as the main
display on any of their computers.

>Alas the 98x5 series have a lot of custom silicon in them, so figuring
>out things like this can be a long and slow job....


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