Repairing a TK50 tape drive?

From: Duncan Entwisle <>
Date: Wed Mar 28 13:24:57 2001

Woah, just stepped over the threshold from reading to contributing - even if
it's only a question :-)

I've a TK50 drive that I'm trying to get to work with my Vax.

After discovering that it didn't work (the tape never wound itself out into
the drive) I took off the cover.

There appears to be a piece of stiffish tape connected to the central spinny
bit (okay, I know stiffish, and spinny bit aren't the most technical of
words! :-), but the other end appears to have been chewed off. I presume
this would have the task of extracting the tape from the cartridge.

Is there anyplace I can get spares for this part (in the UK), or
instructions for constructing something similar myself (I've got a few
sacrifical tapes while I experiment).

I'd be grateful for any ideas. In fact I'm intrigued how the things meant to

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