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> Six transistors? Hell most people on the list here had to go home
> school to listen to info on the radio about the bombing of Japan.

Oi! I'm not that old. LOL. Make it Vietnam and TV and I'd agree.
My first transistor radio was 6 transistor. No FM, (Mostly because we
have FM radio in this country until the 80's, long after it was a
feature of most
portable radios. The Federal Govt. decided in the 60's that we would
never need
FM broadcasting(!) and stuck a tv channel (4) in the middle of the FM
Consequently the local Channel 4 has it's audio on 100.4 Mhz and can be
on a standard FM rx. This is useful for soap opera afficionados like my
wife who will
listen to Days of Our Dreary Lives on the car radio when she is running
around in the


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