ide harddrive

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Wed Mar 28 19:36:11 2001

>>I just bought a rig from Apricorn, via a IBM promotion for $69. Its a
>>cheesy external box, adapters for the various style IBM hard drive
>>carriers, and a PCMCIA IDE controller with a cable that plugs into either a
>>IDE notebook drive or one of the carrier adapters. Includes special
>>software to transfer contents of the internal drive to the new external
>>(with license to do it 10 times). Normally $129, use the link through IBM
>>and its $69.
> That software licensing limit of 10 transfers between drives
>is what sounds cheesy to me. If I'm going to buy hardware from
>someone, it better not make itself unusable after 10 times!

The hardware works forever, but they sell this as a end user package, not a
pro package for a repair shop. The software makes installing a new drive
basically brainless by copying all the old software etc. over to the new

I bought the unit to install a new hard drive in my wife's 770, and
actually use it myself as a laptop drive tester which doesn't use the
licensed software at all.
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