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From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Thu Mar 29 02:37:32 2001

On Mar 28, 22:50, Paul Braun wrote:
> But if you REALLY want to do it right, you wind your own coil on a
> shellacked oatmeal box.....or, a shellacked salt box.
> All of mine used a germanium diode and a prewound coil, so there.
> I'll shut up now.


Everyone (at least, everyone in the UK) knows you wind a hundred turns[1]
or so of 24swg DCC (double cotton covered) copper wire (actually, I used
enamelled copper) on a toilet roll centre, to make a coil about 2" long.

I recall one maths teacher using a toilet roll centre for some
demonstration in a maths class (nothing to do with radio or electronics).
 In his distinctive accent, which was all the more noticable to Scottish
schoolchildren, he announced that this was a "wiyah fohmah". Despite
heckling, he subsequently refused to acknowledge that it might have had any
connection with more mundane functions.

[1] to be honest, I can't remember the standard number of turns. It might
have been less than a hundred, and I'm too lazy to work it out right now.
 And it doesn't have to be 24swg, you just use whatever you can scrounge.

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