OT: Apple LWPro parallel port?

From: Jeff Hellige <jhellige_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Thu Mar 29 11:16:14 2001

>Hi all,
>My mom has the following setup:
>- Beige G3 minitower
>- Apple LaserWriter Pro 600
>- OS 9.1
>The printer and Mac are connected via LocalTalk. (This printer requires
>She is afraid that the next upgrade (OS X) will make the printer unuseable,
>since Apple is phasing out LocalTalk (this Mac is the last model that still
>comes with a damn serial port).

    My first suggestion would be that, unless she has a specific reason for
upgrading to OS X, she should stay with 9.1. Like all Version 1.0 items, OS
X is going to need a few things worked out and will likely be adopted
immediately by: a) developers, b) hard core geeks that just have to have the
latest and greatest thing released, c) people that don't know any better and
give in to some form or another of pressure to upgrade. She'd be better off
waiting for it to mature a little bit, especially if she is just a casual

    As for the serial ports, since the Beige G3 is a supported machine, I
would thing that it's serial ports would be supported as well. The only G3
or newer system not supported by OS X is the original G3 Powerbook.

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