Apple LWPro parallel port?

From: Marion Bates <>
Date: Thu Mar 29 12:17:33 2001

--- "Russ Blakeman" wrote:
I've seen NuBus centronics adapters on ebay that allow you to have a
standard 25 pin centronics compatible parallel port - you might look around
for one. I'm not sure if your machine has NuBus or PCI but I'm guessing that
it's NuBus.

PCI actually. The question then becomes, how does the driver deal with it -- I mean, the LaserWriter 8 driver for this printer looks at the printer port, so how would it "know" to look at an adapter card...hmmm.

Why is she worried about upgrading if the OS doens't suit her
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She's in no rush, but clearly the software developers will eventually no longer support the old OS and then she will have to upgrade. So it's good to find out what will happen when the time comes. She is a graphic designer and webmaster so it matters that she be able to run new versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, GoLive, etc. and at some point OS 9 will be obsolete.


-- MB
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