ide harddrive

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Thu Mar 29 13:13:37 2001

Well, that must be the PPC34C60 datasheet. It has an "example" of what the SMSC
folks think would be a typical application. You're quite right, by the way,
that this chip appears to be intended to devise an ISA bus from the EPP, though
it supports other printer port modes as well.

Another interesting device in IP-core form appears at

Both devices support DMA, which, IIRC, is not directly supported by the EPP,
though it's not disabled from using it.

What I'm curious about now is, where can one find a driver capable of emulating
the ISA bus in a useful way under Windows, which is clearly what these devices
were designed for, but I don't see it happening easily. SMSC (the semiconductor
house portion of SMC, I do believe) has a few sample drivers and app notes on
their web site, but I've got doubts.

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> > I'd be VERY interested in seeing that schematic, Tony! I've no doubt that
> > can be done, but I wonder how fast it will be.
> Somebody else has posted a URL to get what appears to be the data sheet
> from (it's a .pdf, so I can't check to make sure it is the right chip).
> The 'schematic' is little more than the chip and a couple of DRAMs, I think.
> -tony
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