From: Iggy Drougge <optimus_at_canit.se>
Date: Thu Mar 29 15:36:44 2001

Tony Duell skrev:

>> Oops, I forgot I was using such drives, too. Is that what Shugart defines?

>Basically, yes. It's a de-facto standard using a 34 pin edge connector
>(or a header plug on 3.5" drives -- with essentially the same pinout).
>It's a low level interface -- raw data to/from the read/write
>electronics, a signal to move the head one cylinder and one to say the
>direction of movement, status signals for track0, write protect, and so on.

Apart from the Mac drives, I've got one other drive which is not all that bog-
standard. It's the HD drive in my Amiga 4000, which has been factory modified
to run at a slower speed when encountering a HD disk, so as not to saturate
the Paula chip. It's a shame that Commodore decided to change the drive
instead of the controller.

>> What is a DD50? I'm thinking of the connector used on PS/2s, which looks
>> like

>A 50 pin D-connector. 3 rows of pins in a shell wider than all the other
>D connectors.

Nope, that's not it.

>> a small Centronics connector.

>No, that's no the one I was thinking of, but I am sure I've seen such
>connectors on other machines (DEC?)

Some VAXes used a small Centronics connector as well, but it's not the same
kind, either. =)

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