Sparcstation prom passwords

From: Mike Kenzie <>
Date: Thu Mar 29 17:48:38 2001

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Subject: Sparcstation prom passwords

> I found a really easy way to get past the prom passwords
in the NVRAM
> in SUN sparcstations. I have tried it on a Sparc LX,IPX,
and IPC and I
> really think it should work on any model.
> If there is a well known fix, disregard. After much
searching the web
> on this, all I ever found was "replace NVRAM chip"
> I will post the procedure here if anyone is interested.

My Sparc 1+ currently fails when booting linux. I get this

IDPROM: unknown format type!
program terminating

Is there a way to by pass the PROM?

The current PROM is a 525-1107-04 Can other sparc PROMS be
used as a replacement?

A note of success, my latest Apple ][ plus seems to have a
z80 card inside and the previous owner has also added the
extra ram, and internal fan and a RF converter for TV. IT
still has the original packaging and the game paddles.
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