Sparcstation prom passwords

From: Brian Roth <>
Date: Thu Mar 29 19:59:21 2001


   Here it is in all its crudeness. I won't take any responsibility for
personal or computer injury on this.

1. Make sure the Sparcstation is off and carefully remove the PROM-chip out of
its socket. Gently push the chip back in its socket so it is only making
slight contact on all the pins.

2. Turn the box back on and reach the point where it asks you to input the
prom password. This could be at various stages depending on how the security
is set. The last LX box I did, I hit the stop key and a key to put the machine
into OpenBoot. I typed "b cdrom" and it then asked for the prom password.

3.Gently lift the chip out of the socket.

4. Hit enter and it should let you slide on by at this point.

5. Gently press the chip back into the socket and continue the install or if
you continue to boot from the hard drive type "SETENV SECURITY-MODE=NONE

That should do it.


Tom Uban wrote:

> I am interested. Did you look at the documentation on the NetBSD web site?
> --tom
> At 06:47 PM 3/29/01 -0500, you wrote:
> > I found a really easy way to get past the prom passwords in the NVRAM
> >in SUN sparcstations. I have tried it on a Sparc LX,IPX, and IPC and I
> >really think it should work on any model.
> >
> > If there is a well known fix, disregard. After much searching the web
> >on this, all I ever found was "replace NVRAM chip"
> >
> >I will post the procedure here if anyone is interested.
> >
> >Brian.
> >
> >
> >
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