Amiga questions

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Fri Mar 30 07:34:57 2001

>a few A1200 Amiga questions (do they hit the 10 year limit? I know I got my
>A500 in the early 90's, and I think A3000's were around then, right??)...

    If I remember the dates correctly, the A500 was introduced in '87 as a
companion to the A2000 and the A3000 arrived on the scene in either '90 or
'91 with the A1200 in '93.

>Do all 1200's come with built in IDE hard drive controllers - or did
>commodore do things on the cheap and only add controllers for machines
>shipped with drives (I'm assuming the controller lives on the main board

    Yes, the A1200 has built-in IDE

>Will the 1200 accept any size (capacity) drive?

    I've used drives up to 4+ gig on both SCSI and IDE equipped Amiga's
without a problem.

>What are the options of networking a '1200 (ideally TCP/IP stack on the
>Amiga, using SLIP or something to a Unix box maybe? Are there things around
>that allow this, with NFS mounting of drives for data copying?)

    Both Miami and Termite are good TCP/IP stacks that work with either
ethernet or dialup connections. I'm not sure about the mounting of a NFS
drive, but given how extensible the Amiga file system is, I'd hazard a guess
that it is likely possible.

>Can PC SVGA multisync monitors be used with the 1200, or won't the monitor
>sync to a low enough frequency for the Amiga (seem to remember that was the
>problem with the 500, not sure if the 1200 has any sort of 'fix' for this on
>the Amiga side though)

    IF the monitor syncs down to ~15 khz it will work fine with the A1200
without any kind of scan doubler. Even the A4000 didn't fix this
compatibility with SVGA multisync monitors....for some reason only the A3000

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